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Aftercare Advice for Shellac & Gel / Artificial Nails

Shellac or Gel/Artificial nail will be weakened, damaged or discoloured by harsh treatment, e.g. exposing them to harsh detergents. Therefore always use gloves when cleaning, washing up or gardening.

Never use fingernails as tools.

Shellac - Gel/Artificial nails are flammable so caution has to be used when near a naked flame.

Maintain your nails by having regular infills 2-3 weeks or Shellac re-done every 2 weeks.

If you notice any discolouration under your enhancements or Shellac please arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Massage cuticle oils onto the cuticles regularly to keep them soft and supple. It will also keep your natural nail stronger, moisturised and healthy.

Use a nail brush when whenever possible to ensure then nails are clean as the dirt and the bacteria can easily become trapped under the free edge of the nails.

If you accidentally damage your artificial nail or there is a lifting between the product and the natural nail please arrange an appointment as soon as possible so the damage can be removed by using professional techniques.

Please DO NOT try to remove it yourself as further damage may be created to your natural nail and it may take longer for your nail to repair naturally without artificial help.

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